Made it to Berlin

Chantal and I got into Berlin just before noon today (Sunday), and made our way to the main train station on the bus. We are staying at Airbnbs for this trip, and were told the room was ready early, so we’re able to drop off our things and get cleaned up. The hardest part was not laying down on the bed for a small nap.

After we were settled in we headed towards Alexanderplatz on foot, because a friend, Jesse, mentioned that there was a light festival going on for its final day this evening. For the festival, they light up buildings with projected images to either tell a story or simply play with colours and patterns. We had to force ourselves to stay awake at this point, and we did nod off a few times while waiting, but we managed to watch the show at the Berlin TV tower (Berliner Fernsehturm). It is a pretty neat show, and I wish we could have checked out all of the other buildings, but we had to call it a night.

Tomorrow we will hopefully be fully awake and ready to go!


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