Munich, day 1

A fairly relaxing day today. We woke up a bit later than usual, and grabbed breakfast in the old town. From there I briefly met with Sarah and Michael to check in on them, and then Chantal and I wandered to the English Garden.

The English Garden is a large park in the center of town, around 5 km long. It has some really nice walking trails and is well used by the locals for running, biking, and, of course, walking. There are a couple of beer gardens in case you get thirsty. There are a lot of different streams running through it, all of which had very high rates of flow, probably due to the season. I think they are effectively alternative flows of the Isar river, which runs parallel to the park. We discovered a particular stream that, due to the river bed has a set of standing waves on it. We watched five surfers take turns riding the waves, which was fun to see.

After walking through the park all day we relaxed for a bit in the apartment, then met Sarah and Michael for dinner. We decided to go for a gelato afterwards, but the weather was taking a turn for the worse, so we ended up saying our goodbyes and walking briskly back to the apartment for the night.

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