Author: John Crummy

Day 5 in London

Not much to report today, we took it pretty relaxed. After waking up and showering we had a delicious brunch at Bill’s, then headed to the center of town. We were originally going to go to Churchill’s War Room, but didn’t realize you have to pay to get in (most museums are free in London), so decided against it. As…

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Day 1 in London

We enjoyed sleeping in this morning, as well as a regular breakfast of granola and fruit here at the apartment. Once we were ready to go, we walked to Hyde Park to wander a bit and enjoy the fall weather and foliage. From there we headed over to the Natural History Museum. The exhibits are quite good there, but the…

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Day 3 in Jordan

Our third day of hiking, and a much easier one than yesterday. Last night was again windy, but I think everyone is used to it now, as it didn’t bother people as much. We also switched from the tour group’s foam pillows to our inflatable ones, which I find much more comfortable. We started early again, so that we could…

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