Off to Munich

We caught the train to Verona this morning, and then from there up to Munich. Between Verona and Rosenheim, the train weaves it’s way through the Alps, giving some amazing views along the way. The architecture along the way slowly morphs from an Italian style to distinctly Bavarian along the way. Dotted here and there is the odd castle perched high on the side of a mountain, as well as plenty of picturesque churches. I noticed that a tunnel is being built along the path we took. I don’t know if it is for the train or not, but I’m glad we had the ride we did, and weren’t in a tunnel the entire time.

Once in Munich we checked in to our apartment and then went to a nearby brewery for an excellent dinner. We decided to go for a walk afterwards, and stumbled into a travelling carnival. It turns out Frühlingsfest started yesterday, and runs for two weeks. It’s sort of a mini Oktoberfest to welcome the spring. It did help explain why we were seeing so many people in traditional Bavarian clothing walking around the city.

On our way out of the festival we spotted an installation of lit-up silhouettes, so went to check it out. It was a display to explain a bombing that occurred on the site on September 27, 1980 during Oktoberfest by a right-wing radical. 13 people were killed, and over 200 injured. The installation included information about the event as well as quotes from survivors. A bit sobering considering current political climates.

We are back at the apartment for a good night’s sleep.

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