Venice, day 3

Today Chantal wanted to stop at the Benetton store for some pants, and after that we headed back to Murano for a matching necklace. Because we were in Murano, we stopped at the same place we had stopped two days earlier for lunch to grab a tiramisu. Their tiramisu really is excellent and worth a stop just for that.

We took our time wandering through Murano again, and then took the vaporetto (what I was calling the Sea Bus) back to Venice. From there we stopped for a quick panini for lunch and went to the Museo Correr. The museum is in an old palace, originally designed under Napoleonic rule, but only later used by the Hapsburgs. Besides a small section that preserves the palace as used by the Hapsburgs, the contents cover a variety of things such as specific sculpturers, the Venician military, and even general archeological findings.

After leaving the museum we went to the southern strip of Venice, Guidecca, just to check it out. There isn’t nearly as much going on there, and we discovered there are no gelato shops at all. On the vaporetto back to the main part of Venice, our friend sent a message saying she was at Basilica di San Giorgio. Our vaporetto was about ten seconds from docking there, so we hurriedly jumped off to meet her.

Together we all headed back to Venice and caught another vaporetto to near the apartment. This time the boats were standing room only, and it took us two boats just to get on. Things got pretty heated with some people trying to force their way on while the pilot was yelling that he couldn’t take any more. After much agitation we made it the one stop back and took a gelato before getting back to the apartment.

For dinner we all headed out to a pizzeria for an excellent dinner. Tomorrow is another travel day, so will be on the train all day to get to Munich.

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