Venice, day 1

After breakfast at the apartment we wandered through the streets of Venice for a bit, just enjoying the views. We eventually made it out to one of the main Sea Bus terminals (F.Te Nove) and caught the bus to Murano. (note: me calling them Sea Bus is probably the Vancouver part of me talking, I’m not sure what they are actually called.)

Murano is know for it’s glass, being leaders in it for at least a few hundred years. We checked out the Museo del Vetro (Glass Museum), which had some incredible displays of glass pieces throughout the years. There was also a temporary exhibit called Shattering Beauty by Simon Berger which was absolutely stunning. It was all glass that had been smashed, but in ways that produced amazing images.

After lunch we took the bus to Burano. Where we first got off was very quiet and mostly yards growing grapes and the like, and was a rare quiet moment in the busy cities that we’ve been in. From there we wandered into the city center where it was busy again, but not quite as bustling as Venice.

The ride back to Venice was about an hour in a very crowded boat, but after that we enjoyed a nice dinner at the apartment before heading off to bed.

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