Day 3 in Prague

We decided to switch things up a little bit today and headed out of the city, or at least to the edge of it. After breakfast, we took the subway out to Šárka – Lysolaje nature park, which is in the North West corner of Prague. The park is in a valley, so once you are down in the valley, you can’t see or hear the city, so it is very peaceful. Add in the colours of fall, and it makes for a beautiful day. You can also walk along the valley edge, which is quite steep and rocky, and get some great views down below.

After walking around exploring the park for a few hours, we hopped back on the subway to the old town (back to the crowds) and stopped for a quick croissant as a late lunch. A bit more wandering later lead us to the Artisan Cafe & Bistrot, were we enjoyed a creamy hot chocolate away from the crowds.

All in all a relaxing, if not super exciting, day for us. Tomorrow we will be back to the museums!


Super long escalator heading into the subway station!

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