Day 1 in London

We enjoyed sleeping in this morning, as well as a regular breakfast of granola and fruit here at the apartment. Once we were ready to go, we walked to Hyde Park to wander a bit and enjoy the fall weather and foliage. From there we headed over to the Natural History Museum.

The exhibits are quite good there, but the building itself is quite spectacular, particularly the main hall. It is an old building, and includes a prominent status of Charles Darwin. I ended up being more interested in the architecture of the building than the exhibits.

As we were walking around, a couple asked us where the airplanes were. Being a natural history museum, I was pretty sure there aren’t any, and we finally figured out that they were actually looking for the Science Museum, which is next door. Airplanes sounded interesting, so we went that way as well to check it out.

The Science Museum has some excellent displays, and a significant amount of old machinery around for viewing. We only spent around an hour there, but one could easily spend a day if they wanted to.

After that, we decided to make it easy on ourselves and went to a movie (First Man), then dinner (Pizza), and are now back home.


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