Made it to Florence

We landed in Rome this morning around 0930 local time after an uncomfortable but otherwise uneventful flight. After grabbing something quick to eat at the main train station, we killed the couple of hours we had before our train to Florence left by walking around the Museo Nazionale Romano which is right next to the station. This included a view of the Piazza Della Republica.

We grabbed a quick gelato on our way back to the train station, which included our first experience with a waitress that would have definitely rather us no be there. This included plunking down glasses of water so that they splashed on the table. The gelato was good, and the waiter there was very kind.

We mostly managed to stay awake for the train to Florence and have checked in to our VRBO. Built by the owners great-grandfather, he is also the one who painted the large tapestries.

We are heading out for dinner and to explore a bit, then get a good night’s sleep – the first in around 36 hours or so.

Note: I’m currently having some technical issues uploading photos (something I should have checked before leaving), but will see what I can do to fix it.

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