Back home from the Yukon

We forgot to do an update on Tuesday when we got back, but this means that we can add some photos!

I came down with a cold, so we ended up going to see the McBride Museum of Yukon History (indoors!) instead of skiing. It’s a small museum, but has some interesting artifacts, and good stories of the area. The museum concentrates more on Whitehorse than the rest of the Yukon, and includes both natural and human history of the area. There are a series of outdoor exhibits as well, but we skipped those! Next time we are in town we can check them out.

After the museum we had a quick lunch, then caught the bus back to the airport. Landed back in Vancouver at +12°C, which I have to admit was nice.

I would definitely go back for a visit. I would like to see the area in summer, but I wouldn’t count out another winter visit.

Until next time,


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