Goodbye Berlin, Hello Prague

Today was a fairly relaxing day, the majority of which was spent on the train from Berlin to Prague.

We started out early to get to the train station on time, our train was leaving at 0917. We had enough time to grab a croissant for breakfast at the station, and wait around for a bit for the train. The train runs from Berlin, through Dresden, and then on to Prague, following the Elbe river for much of the way. The scenery is absolutely amazing along the river, almost like a fairy tale (the picture out the window doesn’t really do it justice). There are lots of colourful little buildings along the way, and some neat bridges in-between the ridges. The fact that some nice fall colours are coming in makes it all the better.

We got into Prague around 1330, and after eventually figuring out where to get the subway, we got to our apartment for the next few days. It’s a tiny little place, with a small kitchen and bathroom, and the sleeping area up a steep staircase on top of it all. We had an early dinner, visited the laundromat nearby to do our laundry, and will be up tomorrow to start exploring the city!


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