Onwards to Vienna

Today started with a cool 2°C Prague, we could see our breath! Before packing everything up we went over to the copy shop to print our train tickets (surprisingly complicated to do), and then a quick breakfast. We got to the train station super early, and discovered that you don’t need to be at the train station super early. Unlike in Berlin, where they know beforehand which platform each train will be at, in Prague they announce the platform for each train about 20 minutes before the train gets in. This means that most of the people in the train station are all standing in front of the departures screens to know where to go to, which explains why we had a huge crowd to push through to get out of the station when we arrived a few days ago.

The train ride itself was nice, with great views of the Czech countryside, and a little bit of Austria. The train was about 15 minutes late getting in, so we delayed our check-in at the Airbnb. This worked out well, actually, and gave us time to grab a chocolatine at the Vienna Central Station before hopping onto the metro to get to our apartment. Afterwards, we decided to go for our first Viennese dinner, so went to a Mexican place for some quesadillas (and Austrian beer).

Afterwards, we took a stroll around the opera house, and then back to the apartment. We are quite well situated, so it is very quick to get around on foot. We will start out proper exploring tomorrow!


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