Day 7 in Jordan

We woke up in the peace and quite of Wadi Rum this morning, and enjoyed a light breakfast before all hopping back onto the back of a truck to get back to our bus in the nearest village. The bus ride to the Dead Sea was four hours and 30 minutes long, with a short break in the middle. We all did combinations of listening to music, chatting about everything and nothing, and napping.

Once at the Dead Sea the four of us (Brittany, Scott, Chantal, and John) changed into our swimsuits to float for a bit in the super salty water. It really is an interesting sensation to be that boyant, and take a half a minute or so to get used to. It is a bit weird to get your balance just right, but you can stay upright in a variety of poses and, without touching the ground, your head and shoulders stay well out of the water.

The second half of the Dead Sea experience is to rub the mud all over your body and let it dry. It is supposedly good for you in some way. So, of course, we did that, and then rinsed off first in the sea, and then with regular showers, to get the salt off as well.

We hung out around the pool for maybe twenty minutes or so, and then changed back into our clothes. Before leaving the Dead Sea we said goodbye to Brittany, who is spending a few nights at the Eco Lodge that we stopped at for tea on our first day of hiking. We then drove the last hour back to our Hotel in Amman. Here, we said goodbye to our guide Jawad and Juli, who also lives in Amman, so was heading home.

Scott, Chantal and I took a cab downtown to get dinner at Hashem Restaurant, recommended by Juli and Jawad, which was delicious, and very filling. After that we just wandered the markets a bit, and Scott bought some sweets for his fiancee.

We are back at the hotel, and will grab a couple of hours of sleep, hopefully, because our flight leaves at 0330 tomorrow morning. We will update you all once we are in London.


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