Author: John Crummy

Onwards to Vienna

Today started with a cool 2°C Prague, we could see our breath! Before packing everything up we went over to the copy shop to print our train tickets (surprisingly complicated to do), and then a quick breakfast. We got to the train station super early, and discovered that you don’t need to be at the train station super early. Unlike…

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Day 3, in Berlin

We got up a bit earlier today to try to get a bit more in. We started with a quick (but surprisingly huge) breakfast near Boxhagener Platz, a trendy area in the neighborhood we are staying in. From there we walked down to the East Side Gallery, the longest stretch of still-standing wall in the city, and the location of…

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Weekend in Lake Louise (and Yoho!)

Most of the family was out in Lake Louise for the weekend, although we spent most of our time in Yoho. Click through for some photos. [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”masonry” title=”true” desc=”true” responsive=”true” animation_effect=”bounce” album_title=”true” album_id=”9″]

Chantal runs the BMO Okanagan Half-Marathon

Chantal ran in the half marathon at the BMO Okanagan Marathon in Kelowna. She finished with a final chip time of 1:55:00 and a smile on her face! Out of 168 in her category (female 40-49), she placed 33.

We are all very proud of her!

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Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit

Photos have been uploaded of our canoeing trip around the Bowron Lake canoe circuit. Thank you to Mario, Manon, Brian, and Sarah for a wonderful trip! [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”masonry” title=”false” desc=”false” responsive=”true” special_effect=”none” animation_effect=”bounce” album_title=”true” album_id=”7″]


We’ve finally posted pictures of the wedding. Read on to take a look! [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”masonry” title=”true” desc=”false” responsive=”true” animation_effect=”bounce” album_title=”true” album_id=”6″]